Passion and sensuality

PAR L’AMOUR is the haven of refined taste and original desires. We are bold, open, and professional. We value beauty and good taste. Excellent product quality and high customer service standards are our absolute priority.

Shopping at our boutiques offers a unique experience and a promise of exciting sensations. We know the importance of little things. We appreciate class, style, and elegance. Our boutiques have been furnished with utmost attention to detail and the comfort of our customers in mind. Come inside and feel their intimate, sensual atmosphere.

Beauty and elegance

How to combine sensual lingerie with everyday chic? Can leather accessories be a good match for an evening dress? Do all sex toys need to be locked away in a drawer? At PAR L’AMOUR, we redefine the beauty of eroticism, combining it with elegant outfits.

We have assembled a unique collection of lingerie created by the very best designers from Italy, Spain, and the UK. We have travelled far and wide in search of original leather accessories that will underline your style and add character to each outfit.

How about a Svarovski crystal in your favourite sex toy? Or a beautiful rose instead of an ordinary gag? BDSM has many faces. Discover its most beautiful one at PAR L’AMOUR.